Bath and Shower Body Scrub Set

Bath and Shower Body Scrub Set


Our Homemade Body Scrub Pack

Welcome to the weekend. Where baths are able to be taken at leisure and your showers are actually enjoyed versus the normal rush caused by weekday stressors. This set is the ultimate cosy companion featuring one extra large Bädé melt and one mini Bädé melt. We highly suggest our extra large melts to be used in the bathtub, as it'll allow you to exfoliate your entire body and allow the rest of the healing butters to slowly melt into the bath producing a wonderful bath oil experience.

Bath Melt Uses

Best way to pamper using our Bädé melts: First scrub the sore or tired area with the top exfoliating layer. Second, moisturize all over with the bottom butter layer. Lastly, rinse off completely and gently towel dry off.

*Due to no added preservatives, we strongly recommend our body melts be used in it's entirety per shower or bath. If you truly want to savior the melt for another day, we recommend breaking the melt in half, just make sure the saved half is kept away from water or moisture.

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