Body Scrub Soap | Oh So Sensitivé

Body Scrub Soap | Oh So Sensitivé


Sleep Aid Soap

When we were testing this on our active humans, many of them claimed that this melt put them to sleep almost immediately after their shower. Which is why we suggest our calming Oatmeal and Chamomile mini melts for an evening post-workout shower or bath. This set includes 4 Oh So Sensitive melts and each melt lasts for about 5 showers.

Our Homemade Body Scrub Recipe

Oatmeal and Chamomile are known to help soothe, calm and relax troubled skin. But we selected these two to represent our most sensitive melt for their effective anti-inflammation properties and their ability to ease both mind and body through their therapeutic aromas.

*Due to no added preservatives, we strongly recommend our body melts be used in it's entirety per shower or bath. If you truly want to savior the melt for another day, we recommend breaking the melt in half, just make sure the saved half is kept away from water or moisture.

Throw it in the bag

Body Scrub Ingredients:

Oatmeal Extract, Chamomile Extract, Organic Butter Blend, Organic Essential Oil Blend.