Body Scrub Soap | Ténder Roots

Body Scrub Soap | Ténder Roots


Coffee Body Scrub Soap

These are our energizing Coffee infused mini melts. They were created for an invigorating morning shower, waking up both your mind and body with amazing organic Arabica beans. This set includes 4 Tender Roots melts and each melt lasts about 5 showers.

Our Homemade Body Scrub Recipe

We love coffee's ability to stimulate the body's blood flow, especially after an early morning gym session. Ginger is a therapeutic herb that has been shown to relieve muscle pain when topically applied and we enjoy the slight heating sensation it gives our sore calves. The escin found in Horse Chestnut contains anti-inflammatory properties that assist to relieve minor swelling. A great ingredient to finish off our amazing Tender Root melt.

*Due to no added preservatives, we strongly recommend our body melts be used in it's entirety per shower or bath. If you truly want to savior the melt for another day, we recommend breaking the melt in half, just make sure the saved half is kept away from water or moisture.

Throw it in the bag

Body Scrub Ingredients:

Organic Coffee, Ginger, Organic Butter Blend, Organic Essential Oil Blend