Body Scrub | Pink Sunrisé

Body Scrub | Pink Sunrisé


Pretty in pink, this melt is great for a deep sore muscle massage while in the shower. Gently exfoliating and soothing Himalayan and Rose Hips make up this fabulous mini melt. This set includes 4 Pink Sunrise melts.

Himalayan Salt and Rose Hips are the stars of this fabulous pink melt. We fell in love with the magnesium in Himalayan Salt that can be safely absorbed through the skin to help heal damaged muscles. Additionally, Rose Hips has traditionally been used to help soothe various joint pains.

*Due to no added preservatives, we strongly recommend our body melts be used in it's entirety per shower or bath. If you truly want to savior the melt for another day, we recommend breaking the melt in half, just make sure the saved half is kept away from water or moisture.

Ingredients: Himalayan Salt, Rosehip extract, Organic Butter Blend, Organic Essential Oil Blend.

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