Our Story

🍃You may struggle to pronounce our name correctly (Bo•dy) but we bet you won’t have any issues pronouncing our ingredient list 😳🤯...not all chemicals are bad, we just don’t have a need for them in any of our products 😉
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It began when…

In 2014 while working as a full time fitness trainer, I suffered from chronic back and shin pain that affected my ability to sleep, work and engage in everyday movement. I started formulating plant based remedies that utilized herbs proven to relieve both inflammation and soreness, focusing on creating an elevated brand without harsh chemicals. After a year of testing on myself and my peers, I brought the Bädé Collection to life and started incorporating more advanced ingredients, such as Hemp derived CBD, into my most effective products. Today we’re still a woman owned company proudly operating in conjunction with a 8% female integrative supply chain. This means that 100% of our hemp, and more then half of our herbs and butters are sourced from female owned domestic farms.

We use only 100% pure essential oils, organic ingredients when possible and refuse to incorporate anything that isn’t sourced from nature. Our products are made in small batches, ensuring that it’s delivered fresh and lessens the need for added preservatives.

Delivering skin loving benefits to the body in a luxurious and safe way is the continual driving force behind the Bädé Collection. With that in mind, all products are synthetic and preservative free and focuses on harnessing the ingredients’ natural benefits.

We know bodies, especially ones that appreciate premium ingredients, fair-trade sourcing, zero chemicals and plant based formulations. Our products are organically sourced when possible, hand-crafted and always made fresh. We create items that support an elevated lifestyle and whatever your lifestyle may look like, our hope is that this collection supports, mends and cares for it as well.




Ethical Sourcing…

Every ingredient we use is exclusively sourced from nature (yes even our CBD), ethically procured, environmentally conscious and specifically selected for their skin loving benefits. We believe in natural remedies and infuse fresh herbs in every single product. We will continue to hold ourselves accountable and remain transparent in the hopes that you'll equally fall in love with our handcrafted quality. We’re proud to source our raw materials from domestic female-owned farms.