Every ingredient we use is exclusively sourced from nature, ethically procured, environmentally conscious and specifically selected for their skin loving benefits. We believe in plant based remedies and infuse natural and fresh herbs that have been proven to reduce the common ailments of every day exercise. We will continue to hold ourselves accountable and remain transparent in the hopes that you'll equally fall in love with our handcrafted quality.

No Parabens
No Synthetic Preservatives
No Petroleum or Mineral Oil
No Sulfates
No Silicone
No Phthalates
No Fragrance Oils
Only Pure & Natural (80% Organic)

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Natural Exfoliation

Our classic melts consist of a top layer of natural exfoliating ingredients including, organic coffee, organic ginger, horse chest nut, himalayan salt, rose hips, oatmeal and chamomile. This top layer allows you to gently massage out any sore muscles, achy parts or hidden parts that need a bit more attention.


Natural Moisture

The pure white bottom layer of our melts consists of a decadent blend of organic butters. Additionally our exclusive butter blend is infused with fresh and organic essential oils, all selected for their aromatic and soothing properties. As a post-workout treatment, our decadent butter layer helps replenish moisture lost during an intense and sweaty workout. 
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Naked Truth

During the formulation of our products, careful consideration and research was done of all our ingredients, especially when it came to the choice of adding "safe" synthetic fragrance and preservatives to the products.
Fragrance, unless otherwise noted as 100% essential oil blend, is synthetically produced in a lab and while it adds a rich aroma to beauty products, it does not mimic the health benefits of pure essential oil.
Delivering these skin loving benefits to the body in a luxurious and safe way is the continual driving force behind the Bädé Collection. With that in mind, all products are synthetic and preservative free. We use only 100% pure essential oils and purchase organic when we can. Our products are made in small weekly batches, ensuring that it’s delivered fresh and lessens the need for added preservatives.
With that in mind, our melts are meant to be used  frequently and immediately, and although they have a shelf life of about 1 year, we suggest indulging in them within several months (though our human testers have reported developing a daily obsession) of receiving them as the scent essential oils tend to fade the longer it’s exposed to open air, another sign that our fragrant products are naturally scented.