DIY Beauty: Roses are for Lovers

I have ALWAYS struggled with breakouts, and before finding out it was due to hormonal imbalance, I tried and went through it all. It was more annoying when I was younger and adults, even strangers, felt the need to give me advice on what to try and what not to eat...Them: "have you been eating junk food?" Me sarcastically: "Yup a gallon of whip cream and greasy pizza is my daily after-school snack" Them: "Have you tried Proactive" Me angrily: "Yup, and that sh*t dries me out like crazy because it's too harsh for oily skin!". There was even a time where I was minding my own business on the train, happily drinking a Starbucks Macchiato and this random leans over and tells me that me drinking coffee is the reason why I was currently experiencing such a bad breakout on my cheek. If I was less couth, I would've cursed him out but instead I cut my eyes at him and snapped that he was wrong and it was an internal issue...Jacka$$ I added internally.


Anywho enough of me complaining, fast forward to the clearer, less snappy me and you'll find a fabulous #glow up! It took a long time to get here and I definitely still have my hormonal outbreaks ever so often. But with a bit of discipline, a strict regimen, and help from mother nature, my skin is looking #aaaamazing. I'll save the full regimen for the next long a$$ post but for now I want to discuss my Rosehip face oil hack. 



About a month ago I started using pure, organic Rosehip oil as a night time moisturizer, two-three times a week. Rosehip has great anti-aging properties (guess it's not too early to fear looking old) but the biggest draw for me was Rosehip's ability to lighten dark spots, i.e. remnants of stubborn acne scars. I tend to get puffy when I go heavy on the salt, mainly during the weekends when boozy behavior happens at brunch, and it's also a boss when it comes to helping inflammation. So take these benefits and I'm sold, but due to my current obsession with Frankincense I decided to go rogue and add a few drops of the essential oil to add a bit of ummph to the face oil. Frankincense literally does it all, but to spare you a few words, it's amazing in helping reduce large pores, blemishes, and lighten acne scars. Now when using essential oils on the skin, please remember to properly dilute it. For this 1oz bottle, I only added in 6 drops of Frankincense which is about a 1% dilution. Luckily the bottle was already amber, but I'd recommend transferring your solution into an amber glass if making your own.

I've been using this faithfully for a month now and am in awe that no one in the hundreds of blogs I scoured back in the day previously suggested this. Yes, usage of this face oil is one small part of my routine, but I do think it's played an important part in controlling my oil production, tightening my pores, lightening my dark spots AND lightening the dark circles under my eyes that have slowly started to form since launching my business. I'm almost done with the bottle, which makes me happy because I've stayed consistent but I don't know if me finishing it in a month and a half speaks to me having a big face...


I think once I finish this bottle, I'll try a new recipe with Argan oil next. They say our skin and bodies can become conditioned to an ingredient after regular use and that it's okay to switch it up once in a while. That sounds a bit better then me being too impatient and always wanting to make something new to test out ;-) 

I loved the benefits of Rosehip and Frankincense so much that I added it into our Pink Sunrise melts to help the body relax and detox.

Pink Sunrise  melts with Himalayan Salt and Rosehip powder.

Pink Sunrise melts with Himalayan Salt and Rosehip powder.