DIY Beauty: Roses are for Lovers

I have ALWAYS struggled with breakouts, and before finding out it was due to hormonal imbalance, I tried and went through it all. It was more annoying when I was younger and adults, even strangers, felt the need to give me advice on what to try and what not to eat...Them: "have you been eating junk food?" Me sarcastically: "Yup a gallon of whip cream and greasy pizza is my daily after-school snack" Them: "Have you tried Proactive" Me angrily: "Yup, and that sh*t dries me out like crazy because it's too harsh for oily skin!". There was even a time where I was minding my own business on the train, happily drinking a Starbucks Macchiato and this random leans over and tells me that me drinking coffee is the reason why I was currently experiencing such a bad breakout on my cheek. If I was less couth, I would've cursed him out but instead I cut my eyes at him and snapped that he was wrong and it was an internal issue...Jacka$$ I added internally.

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