It was 2am and my inflamed calves were keeping me up...

I had done three gym sessions earlier and I had another one set for 7am. I was angry, restless and of course, exhausted. This early morning insomnia had become a constant issue and initiated a month long search for natural pain-relieving products. My desperate trial through the current market offerings ended in failure, so I turned to natural remedies and started formulating my own products to use after my workouts. Thankfully my pain inspired the creation of what I like to call indulgent pampering, narrowing the gap between luxury body care and nature’s medicine.

Enter in Bädé, (pronounced "body") not the first of my late night kitchen inventions but the best ones that helped me recover after a long day of training. This product line blended my love of indulgent beauty products with my growing love of essential oils. Let’s be honest, I developed this line with me in mind. I wanted effective ingredients that served the purpose of truly caring and mending my tired body. What I found is that although my source of inspiration was initially self-serving, I wasn't the only active person running around living life, on the go and seeking products that didn’t include and smell of harsh chemicals.

This collection is for the active body, the body that wakes up early, stays up late, may workout or may not. The body that appreciates the great, the indulgent and the scents that gives you a much needed moment of peace. This is quality self-care, sourced from natural and organic ingredients, hand-crafted and always made fresh. These are the items that continue to support my active lifestyle and what ever your lifestyle may look like, my hope is that this collection supports, mends and cares for your body as well.



Symone Gates